November 24th, 2006


With brain akimbo - Frost/Nixon

I woke up on the floor, all confused. How did I get here? I got up and started walking, hurting my foot on my sister's toys. Where was a clock? God, there it was, 10:30. It wasn't Saturday, was it? No, I had to go to work, and I was late, and I had just moved and I needed to go to the new high school and register for the first day of class. Crap, I hate oversleeping.

My eyes flicked open. 7:27 per the clock on the night stand. Outside, the noise of cars. A little light shone through the curtains, as if the sun were just thinking about rising. I apparently hadn't moved since I fell asleep while shadowdaddy called his family on the phone to wish them a happy Thanksgiving. Now THAT'S what I call a good night's sleep.

Last night's play Frost Nixon was insanely good. I never thought a play about a president would be really interesting, but Nixon had the dramatic power of Oedipus or Lear, with a fantastic actor (Michael Sheen) portraying him. The show itself - well, I was reminded of The Crucible, with modern events seeming only too tellingly inferred in the dialogue taking place on stage. Yes, this was the best play I've seen all year. I only regret not managing to catch it at the Donmar!
Sea dragon

Tired of waiting for payday to come around again

Dang it, getting paid once a month is really irritating. I feel like I didn't budget very well - maybe I just had no idea what it would really cost two people to get through a month at London prices. The sad thing is that most of our "big" expenses have been paid for out of our US cash reserves - and yet we still dipped into the emergency fundage here. Grr. I'll have to sit down and figure out where all of the money went (some of it to higher than expected utility bills - was NOT thinking I'd be hit for three months at a time from the phone company) and how we can trim down. Needless to say this is affecting my planning for Christmas.

What I wish I had that I would have bought by now if I weren't (effectively) broke: month long tube pass, a real phone (not one requiring top ups all the time), a gym membership, some touchup on my hair, a pair of boots (the ones I wear every day are wearing down at the heels), and a wireless router. At least I'll have more boots when our stuff shows up, but man, I do not like living like this. Sure hope shadowdaddy gets a job soon.
Sea dragon

I have a few things to be happy about today

1. I decided not to walk to work, even though the weather looked fairly good. A bus was crossing the street just as I was waiting to cross myself; I didn't run for it, but (happily) the next one was only two minutes behind! And then ... as I was standing under the shelter, it started to rain buckets but I wasn't walking through it. I win!

2. After being so miserable about my money sitch, I got paid today! Apparently this is the last Friday of the month, and thus payday. The lion's share of this check is going toward rent, but it's still cheering, even if I won't be buying new boots until after Christmas.

3. Everyone on my team is blocked today. We found no bugs yesterday and there is NOTHING for us to do today. So I asked my boss's boss for money to take everyone out to lunch ... and he agreed! Chicken couscous and two glasses of wine later, and my job seems most tolerable. And I do think the team morale is much higher.

4. Everyone on the team is being silly today. We're passing around geek jokes, and I'd post them here but I would have to change the names and someone might ask me to explain the stuff that I don't get. So ... how about this? Collapse ) This is my idea of funny.

Show at ROH tonight, dinner tomorrow, Kinji Fukasuku movie Sunday. Good weekend ahead. This should help fight off my Friday blues!
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