November 26th, 2006


Nothing like pie for breakfast

Boy, it is raining outside like nobody's business! I can see two swans underneath the bridge kind of poking around, looking for stuff on the bottom of the river. I wonder if they mind being rained on?

At any rate, weather like this is highly conducive to staying inside and cooking. We've got so much turkey I don't know how we can possibly use it all. I lifted the pan with the turkey and stuffing in it and it seemed to weigh about seven pounds. Currently I'm thinking turkey soup and two turkey pies, the kind that have stuffing in them as well as meat. We'll need to get some more containers to put things into the freezer, too. But now, a plate of cheesy herb biscuits with gravy/fried potatoes/creamed corn gratin inside of me, I'm thinking it's time for a nap.

Later tonight:Yakuza Graveyard!