November 30th, 2006


Thank you for blowing off your interview

I needed that hour to work and I've already got my laffs from a bad candidate for this week.

(I also trained the Soon To Be New Lead in writing reports, and have spend all morning running around like a chicken with my head cut off, complete with feather and blood everywhere.)

You are all banned from using acronyms

QNI. How was I supposed to know it's not a TV show? Everytime someone talks about QNI they are always watching TV. I swear there's a TV show with at least a Q and it does have a name made of letters.

God, I hate acronyms. I mean, FFS, can we please just SAY what we're talking about?

Really great read: this article on trying to cure anorexia in the New York Times. It had great insight into the mental breakdown that is part of the disease. I especially recommend it to you folks who have a passion for counselling.

Me: baked and fried, really done to a crisp. I'll enjoy having tomorrow off and doing nothing this weekend, well - being in Bath, seeing some opera. Tomorrow we're going to go the Dulwich Picture Gallery to see a lovely exhibit recommended by the New York Times - it ends Sunday so it's my last chance to get it in. An exhibit so detailed you're given magnifying glasses to better appreciate it - I can't wait! Next week the Trial by Boxes starts - or is it the 55th level of Buddhist Hell, the one reserved for packrats?