December 3rd, 2006


(A) Bed (and Breakfast in) Bath, and Beyond

We're back from our weekend in Bath. I'm really tired, probably from swimming around in the pool on the roof of the Thermae spa. It was neat - cold rain came down on us while we were in the warm water, looking at the green hills and church spires through the spattered glass walls.

We stayed at Elgin Villa in an overly large room (a queen and two extra singles, wish we'd brought some more people!) quite close to the center of town, slept 9 hours both nights, went to some lovely CAMRA listed pubs (the Volunteer Rifleman's Arms and The Raven), saw two nights of Baroque Opera at the Theater Royal Bath, hit the Christmas market over and over again (couldn't get away from it, really, since it was also Smack Dab in the Middle of Town), bought some books (ooh, I held out for a month!), looked at costumes, and generally Frittered Our Time (and Money) Away. And we bought cheese, because Bath has an awesome cheesemonger's shop but also a stand selling Bath Soft Cheeses.

And, of all things, I got my hair done, because I could and the price was right, so I'm sitting here right now with red dye slathered all over my forelock and forehead. I kind of feel like I should be calling some folks in the US (like my sister), but I'm just so darned tired right now, even though I napped on the train, that I can hardly imagine it happening. I have stories to tell and anecdotes to share but ... God, who really cares.

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