December 4th, 2006


Four great disturbances in the last three months

In the last three months I've had four great upheavals.

I moved, inserting myself rudely into someone else's living and mental space.

I moved again, leaving behind the tiny bit of habit and security and sense of place I'd developed over the last six weeks.

Two weeks later, shadowdaddy moved into the place I'd picked out, and showed up shaky and damaged and looking a bit like a stray dog, needing to relearn what life was like with regular meals and friendly pats.

A month later, all of our stuff showed up and turned our place into a nightmare of boxes and clutter. At least, that's my guess. I'll find out when I get home in two hours.
potato mountain

Pie and Pilates

I have worked out for the first time since August and I walked home (since, er, I couldn't pay to take the bus) and I have a tummy full of pie. I also have a House Full Of Stuff. It's not as bad as I thought it would be in here. I think the perfect thing to do to celebrate is leave the house and go to the pub for some cider. shadowdaddy sure deserves it.

Lookie me! I moved me, my boy, and my house to London! EeeeEEEEeeee!

PS: my wallet never showed up today, so I'm now short my Oyster, my dearly-acquired HSBC card, my US HSBC card, and my Washington State driver's license, which I have absolutely no idea how to replace. Not that I'm driving or anything, BUT ... I am poorer than snot. I guess I'll just spend shadowdaddy's money. :-D
Sea dragon

Still dealing with the cultural acclimitization thing

So it looks like my project is running late, right? Boss is talking about how we might have to come in this weekend. He's explaining to the PM why things are all screwed up. Partner site unreliable, other project stealing our resources, and ...
"The test site has been up and down like a whore's knickers."

Whew. I am so not in America anymore.

In other news ...

I sang the boots song tonight as I opened my first box of stuff! It went, "Boots, boots, boots, boots! Boots, boots, boots ... Boots boots boots boots BOOTS!"