December 19th, 2006


This is what I get for not paying my rent

That's right, my view has been recalled until further notice. Right now, looking out my front window, I can't even see all of the third span of the bridge. Over younder, little lights are moving toward me, eventually resolving into cars, but that is ONE THICK FOG. I'm kind of thinking I'll walk to work just to have the experience of the felt tunnel. And it's cold, too: just one degree above freezing. Brr. It was a really good day for shadowdaddy to get the weatherstripping in the bathroom, as it had been MOST bracing to enter it and close the door behind you.

I'm ready for my vacation. And I'm ready for the solstice. Hey, look, they're both starting on the same day, thanks to my friend Time In Lieu!

PS: No worries, my rent is paid. That was wechsler's joke.

Be caramel as buddha*

I was taken out for a Christmas lunch today by my dotted-line boss. We six went to the Stonemason's Arms in Hammersmith, which is apparently what they call a "gastro pub." We almost all got the Irish sirloin steak for lunch (one outlier got halibut, the fool). We did all have pints (nice on my post-breakfast emptied stomach) and starters (tomato/motz salad for me, it was microscopic). The boys all ordered toffee pudding (which was caramel sauce and cake with a scoop of really good ice cream on top) and coffee for dessert. We talked about movies and snowboarding and I was teased for saying, "Awesome!" when they bought me a side of gravy for my potatoes. Total: £200, glad I wasn't paying.

Needless to say I won't be accomplishing much this afternoon other than digesting. I do think I've really got the health issues under control now, though - back to semi-normal appetite, and all of the protein I will need for the next week. And I'm feeling very chipper and looking forward to having just one day more before my vacation starts.

I made shadowdaddy walk me to work because the fog was making me worry I'd inadvertently go into another space time dimension as I walked across the bridge, and if I was stuck in Victorian London I wanted to make sure I had at least one familiar face around. I'm a bit afraid he didn't really know what I was going on about, as he wasn't awake 15 minutes before I had him walking out the door ...

* Best spam title of the day.

Still flailing around with my holiday schedule

I've booked the time off work, but I still haven't really made plans on doing much for the next week and a half. Saturday is an especially big hole in my schedule. I thought just maybe we could have some folks over and play some board games - if there's enough interest. What do you say?

Poll #891967 Not the 12th day of Christmas

What are you doing the evening of December 23rd?

in London and free
in London and busy
with family
in a different hemisphere from you, alas

If you're in London and free, do you want to come over for some games?

That sounds lovely - free entertainment, good company!
No, too busy with other stuff, alas
I like filling out polls but as I won't be sharing your hemisphere I can't come over

December 23rd afternoon, panto?

Good idea, bad date.
Panto gives me the phear
Sheep go baaa.

The solstice is almost here, hurray!