December 20th, 2006

Sea dragon

With freezing rain and frozen brain we wait and watch for the solstice

Hmm, 30 and "freezing rain" outside, I think I won't walk to work.

One more call: anyone want to come over for games Saturday? I need a few more people to say yes or I'll ... go to a panto or something.

I get the feeling this is going to be a rough Christmas for me. Financially, I'm feeling like the Grinch ("You got one present and you'll like it!"), emotionally I'm realizing I'd probably rather be in Seattle right now, though it couldn't be the same because it wouldn't be "at my house." On a practical level, I'm feeling a bit disconnected. This year I'm sad because I'm not celebrating with people I'd like to be hanging out with; next year I'll probably be back to my usual situation as "outcasts and orphans drop in" and it will be fine. I can't even tucker up to buying a turkey this year, though. At least we've stocked up on rum. Not having a TV will suck today, though, as in the UK cinemas are closed on Christmas day, so we won't have much in the way of entertainment options and I fear we may begin to get a bit cabin feverish.

Proust has continued to be a pleasure to read, but he's dragging down my reading totals. I'll have to fit something light in before the New Year's to get my numbers up (currently at 32, a sad improvement over last year's 27 - I'd like to hit 34 at least!). Delia Sherman's Changeling is, I think, a nice choice for "a book I won't be able to keep shut for more than an hour over the course of two days" ...

Forget the cold, I'm walking to work, and shadowdaddy is going with me. I need the exercise and, who knows, maybe I will find my way into an alternate universe where I don't feel the aching void of lonely for the holidays for a month straight. (And it's only been a few days feeling bad with a big chunk of "too busy to think about it" in the middle, so I'm clearly just being maudlin.)

Another ace day at work

That's right, we went out for pints over lunch. I also had a chicken melt on a wholemeal sub roll, which was delicious. The waitress was a peach and gave us all some Christmas crackers, and we had just the right amount of people to split them. I won mine, but was amused to discover all three of us had the same joke in our crackers (some joke about beavers) as well as the same prize and same color of paper crowns.

Afterwards I went shopping in Hammersmith and got a little of this ("a little this-a, a little that-a") and a little wrapping paper, then sauntered back to work. All that's left for the rest of the day is two hours of listening to people give presentations, reading some resumes, and filling out my timesheet. And setting my OOF email. I can do this.
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