December 25th, 2006

Sea dragon

It's green and grey on Christmas day, and at 3:30 the sun has almost set

We had some leftover lamb and roast vegetables (per the recipe I posted yesterday) for lunch. I put some quince jelly on the lamb and it was pretty darned good. The squash is all cooked and ready for me to make the curried squash bisque (with kale!) I was prepping it for, but since we've got a dinner invite tonight I'll just make it tomorrow or something. It seemed like a bit much to have in addition to the roasted vegetables, which apparently I made in proportions large enough for eight. Next time: skip the celeriac and get a smaller swede/rutabaga, add more salt. Note: parsnips and swedes are both quite tasty, swedes turn orange when cooked, and parsnips taste kind of like sweet potatoes.

J's now napping on the couch, but he's not using the quilt so I can steal it from him. We should play some games or something but we're both feeling lazy and full. I'd like to get a few more boxes unpacked, but now that it's down to the clothes and the books (mostly, there are Mystery Boxes), I have some doubts about how much progress I can make as well as a horror of spending too much time in a small room. Maybe we'll get the bed assembled today instead.

Great article today in the NY Times about using therapy to fix your kids instead of just giving them drugs. Of course, therapy costs more than drugs, so insurance companies only want to pay to keep kids medicated. It's sad; why can't therapy be more affordable? I hate that instead of trying to fix people they're just trying to keep them quiet because that's cheaper. Anyway, my present to you is that link.