December 27th, 2006

Sea dragon

This is one of those post that makes you say, "For God's sake, use cut tags!"

Well, I achieved sleeping in today. shadowdaddy made me pancakes. Plans for after 12 kept changing in the last 18 hours - first it was lunch at 2, then it was early dinner at 4, now I think it's dinner at 6 but I need to confirm. So ... we're not going to see The Prestige like we thought (and then unthought as it conflicted with the 2 PM thing), and now we're going to continue unpacking for an hour or so. We got down to the middle of the last box of books last night :-) before I collapsed at midnight, so now we've mostly got boxes of clothes and some rather terrifying knickknacks that have absolutely no home at all (now that I don't have a china cabinet). It's possible that we'll make it to the V&A, but I'm not feeling very positive about that at present - the size of the mess in the house is daunting.

Tomorrow shadowdaddy wants to go iceskating at the Tower of London rink around 1:30 for skating at 2. Does anyone else want to go? I'll just be drinking hot chocolate and reading or something, as I fall all the time when I skate and it makes me cry. Later in the night we're going to see Carmen, which appears to be massively sold out. It's his present, but I have to say, I am excited!
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