December 28th, 2006

reading is fun-damental

I don't have a problem. I just like books.

Just went through my list and I appear to have been on a bit of a bender this year in anticipation of the move. I bought ... 104 books? And have only read 32? I think I can get to 34, but still, that's only ONE THIRD of the books I bought (and some of the books I read were only loaners). Lordy, that's 20 more books than last year. It all hits rather heavily after getting all of the books unpacked and mostly put away ... that Rob Brezny once again has my number: "I've been meditating on the perfect holiday gift for you. What symbolic offering might put you in the right mood to deal proactively with potential problems in 2007? I've decided on a set of those specially-designed clothes-storage bags that allow you to suck all the air out, compressing your sweaters and pants so that they take up significantly less space in your luggage or closet. Hopefully these bags would inspire you to come up with creative applications of the "less is more" principle, which will be a recurring theme for you in the coming months."

Just shut up, okay? I know I need to have "less," but what I really want instead is a nice chest of drawers and maybe a cute little display cabinet for my vases.

Shows for this year: 50 (after tomorrow - a big increase over 2005's 37), movies: 46. Would like to see just a few more movies but I've been too lazy and cheap - but maybe I'll see one tomorrow anyway.
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Sea dragon

On the sixth day of Christmas, the heavens gave to me ... a sunny day!

Wow, it's not black out there. What a change.

We went out to the Colombian restaurant La Bodeguita yesterday evening and had steak with rosamicula (prime instigator), itsjustaname, silenttex and wechsler. Dang, they do serve steaks the size of your plate. It was really too much food. Now I have to make a stew with my leftovers, because yes, there is that much steak left. Gaaaah. I loved the appetizers, though, and the company.

Today we're going to see about spending the American Express gift cards shadowdaddy's mom got for us. I'm imagining tall, pretty boots from Clark's and maybe a bathroom scale. We're also going to apply for a credit card (woo) and go to the V&A to see the daily life in Renaissance Italy exhibit (closes Jan 6). Mostly I want to be out in the sunshine because we haven't had ANY for a week. Maybe we should go to the Serpentine ... the walk through the park to get there would be cool.

PS: Due to my bad luck shopping, I now have an extra copy of Phillipa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl (as recommended to me by scarlettina. Anyone interested?

Reviews: Paper Tiger Chinese food buffet, Daily Life in Renaissance Italy, and Royal Opera's Carmen

Art goes down better on a full stomach, I think. With that in mind, a snacky shadowdaddy and I hit the 4.50 all you can eat buffet at the Paper Tiger in South Kensington (between the tube station and the Victoria and Albert Museum). Collapse ) Next time, I'll eat at the Oriental Canteen, which charges just maybe a pound more for a meal but delivers much, much better food. Oh well, live and learn - and at least this was a cheap lesson, and extraordinarily quick.

We headed to the V&A afterwards for their "Daily Life in Renaissance Italy" exhibit, which is kindly available to Oyster card holders at a two for one price. Collapse )

Then it was off to Covent Garden for some pre-show shopping. Ultimately, we bought Collapse )

*looks at the time* My, it's late. Collapse )