December 29th, 2006


The last official day of vacation

Geez, still three more days with no work after today. This is great!

I seem to have done nothing today besides clean (still working on unpacking, now I'm trying to reduce the sense of explosion in anticipation of tomorrow's party) and cook (made: Dutch apple pancake - breakfast, lamb and squash bisque - lunch, and beef stew - whenever, probably not tonight). I'm going to take a shower and nap in a bit, I think - giving up any hope of being outside before the sun sets. Oh well, that's life when you wake up at 11, and THAT is what I get for going to bed at 1:30 AM again.

Dutch Apple Pancake recipe (since I liked it so much)
Collapse ) Anyway, I've had this recipe sitting on my fridge for about five years and just made it today; it was great!

I finished Delia Sherman's Changeling and enjoyed it quite well. It got my "numbers" up to 33 for the year; anyone else want to read it now? Looking at the, er, well, not "nightmare" of books, but shall I say "house eating monstrosity" of library in this house, I intend to stick to my plan of moving books along as I've read them. booklectic? lilithmagna (not that you read LJ at all)?

I also got my copy of Remembrance of Things Past back last night (*swoon!*) and we got to have some private time alone late in the evening (note bedtime above). Oooh man. So good. But I'm still only at page 350! When will I finish this thing?

Listen to me sing as I cook tacos

Apparently while England was listening to Blur and Oasis (I'm guessing; have they been popular over the course of the last 2-3 years? I just don't know), I was memorizing the lyrics to Anything Goes. Yes, I am a gay man living in a woman's body, that's the only explanation for what's wrong with me. (Or what's right, depending on whether or not you think I can carry a tune. I do make mean tacos.)

Man: "You're the dam at Boulder,
You're the moon,
Over Mae West's shoulder,
I'm the nominee of the G.O.P."

Woman: "Or GOP!"

Both: "But if, baby, I'm the bottom,
You're the top!"
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