December 31st, 2006

Sea dragon

The Cheeses of Nazareth

I broke in the cheese plates my brother and sister-in-law gave me last night, in preparation for a two-hour cheese eating orgy that led shadowdaddy to propose we change the name of this party to "Wintercheese," which doesn't seem so bad (who knows, maybe we'll actually do this in February). Here's the cheeses we brought out, insofar as I have retained the packaging or am able to remember the cheese:
Wensleydale with cranberries
Bavarian smoked (actual cheese type not mentioned)
Emmenthal (for the "Oh Holey Night" plate)
Wife of Bath soft cheese
Oak smoked west country farmhouse cheddar
the little waxed crotin of truffle oil cheddar
Cropwell Bishop (a blue)
"French Brie" (too embarassed to reveal more about itself)
Saint Agur

We also had a feta and an appenzeller (sp?) that didn't get touched. And I discovered Carr's Melts are the new Gods of Cheesly Goodness, as no matter what cheese I put on them, my mouth went into raptures when I ate said cheesed cracker. We actually managed to NOT eat every bit of cheese in the house last night, which I blame on the fact we had some other food lying around (pizzas, vegetables and dip, etc.) so the cooking cheddar remained unmolested.

No luck finding black eyed peas to serve for New Year's brunch. Any ideas?

I think today we're going to catch The Prestige at last, and maybe have some Indian food in Brick Lane - I've sworn off meals out for January as a cost-saving measure (sandwiches are allowed if I'm going to a show). Then I think I'll be going to a party, but I am feeling extraordinarily lazy at present, so we'll see.
Sea dragon

New Year's Eve

Yep, I'm home. the Prestige was rather a let-down and I just wasn't up to going out once we'd wended (went?) our way home (via Brick Lane and some nice curry). Shower and done, me - though I hadn't mentioned it I slept like crap on a stick last night and have had no energy all day. Behold, I am old, home on NYE with my trousers rolled.