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Another stunningly busy quadruple booked weekend ahead

While today will be dedicated to repairing the pathetic excuse for work product I delivered last week ... this weekend was fully booked Wednesday and has only become worse since then. What I originally wanted to do was go to the Empty Space to see 1984 (which I figure has only become more relevant in 2004) and see the Stephen Petronio Company at On the Boards. I figure I'd do one on Friday and the other on Sunday, as Saturday was going to be BurningHearts Burlesque at 9 followed by singing with Howard around 11 PM (I even got the sheet music for "Only the Lonely" in preparation).

Yesterday brought additional complications, though, as I discovered the Grand Illusion is showing Picadilly, a very interesting looking silent movie (see picture) this week, and The Atomic Bombshells with Dita Von Tise (another burlesque troop) will be performing at the Showbox tonight. And then I found out Ants Invasion, the local Adam and the Ants tribute band, will be performing at the Crocodile on Saturday.

As things stand, it looks like it's strippers tonight, bad girls on screen and on stage Saturday (with a trip to Howard's piano after I've gotten revved up at the Rendezvous), and the dance troupe Sunday (since 1984 will be playing for another two weeks). This is in addition to more plebian activities like meeting with the architect, doing the final hand-off for Lily, and going snowshoeing (on Sunday). I expect by the time Monday morning rolls around I will be more tired, rather than less - and wishing I'd "Hoisted the Jolly Roger" Saturday night.

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