January 1st, 2007

Sea dragon

All in all, it wasn't really the best vacation I've had

Nice that the sun is shining today. With luck I'll manage to find motivation to get off of the couch, but it's really, really hard, because I'm spending my day Consumed with Self-Loathing. Whee!

I decided yesterday that if someone was able to get me motivated to go to the party by 6 yesterday, I'd do it, but 6 rolled around and it didn't happen and like many other sociological experiments I've performed in the past, I ended my day more bitter for its failure. Thus go the workings of my head. Despite my unwillingness to go out, I was actually lucky enough to spend the evening with shadowdaddy and wechsler, who was enticed enough by the company (and I think the promise of a pork roast for brunch today) to come over and watch the fireworks going off over the London Eye from our apartment window at midnight. And we had hot apple cider.

My attack of self-loathing had me up at 6, unfortunately, after only four hours of sleep. I decided to go talk to wechsler (who had been happily sacked out in our guest room, but who did say when I went to sleep that I could talk to him if I wanted, whenever), and this wound up going on for about four more hours. W00t. Insomnia, it's so much better when it's shared. I did feel a little better, though, and managed to pull in an hour back in my room. shadowdaddy had meanwhile decided that the sunny day was just too good to sleep through and was calling it the start of the New Year.

And New Year it is. This one is going to be different from every other year of my life. I guess in some ways they all have been different from each other, but this is going to be the first time ever I've spent a year living in another country. At this point, I am not even planning on going back to America at all before the year is over (well, maybe I might go for Christmas) - I'm trying to keep my resolve to be here strong and, well, there's a million other reasons to not go, but no one is exactly begging me to do it so I'm not feeling the pull.

If you care:
Best new movie of 2006: Innocence
Favorite movie of 2006 (out of 47 seen, a drop from last year): Pale Flower
Best book I read in 2006 (out of 34 read): Delia Sherman's The Porcelain Dove (currently lent out to booklectic, this book was too good to leave at home and made the library cut when I was packing)
Best play of 2006: Frost/Nixon (this one's still showing, so go see it!)
Best dance performance of 2006: Royal Ballet's Triple Bill (CHROMA (New McGregor) / THE FOUR TEMPERAMENTS (Balanchine) / DGV (Danse à Grande Vitesse - Christopher Wheeldon)
- if more ballet were done to the White Stripes, people would go!
Sea dragon

Of course, it's Swann and Odette

I have finally finished the Swann in Love chapter of Remembrance of Things Past. How eager I have been to say goodbye to Odette! And I'm sorry I didn't have the book for five days of my vacation and have just now been able to catch back up. I'd quote from the end of the chapter but it seems like anytime I try to say a bit of the book I realize I should be quoting three pages, like the bit where he describes how a bit of music makes him feel. I've never seen it captured so well before, and I've never really seen anyone try. Proust really seems to understand how people's minds work. God, what a book!

Today was spent lazing around the house with J and W (who decided he was too worn out to go back home). We had ham and black-eyed peas for lunch and green enchiladas for dinner; at some point, J and I went for a walk through Wandsworth Park. It was a very rough day emotionally (you can say lack of sleep here if you'd like, you can say having your ass handed to you on a platter if you'd prefer), but it ended with the three of us playing Boggle and having some nice drinks, so I'll look back on that as how my year started and hope that I'm looking forward to a good one.