January 10th, 2007

Sea dragon

Wednesday updatey post

I'm in training for four hours today, so I will be suffering the pangs of being off-line.

I'm feeling bored with my job right now, doubtlessly because we just had a product launch. I want to call in sick today. I've been dealing with some kind of low level crud for a week now (phlegmy crap, coughing at night, pleased at least it hasn't developed into a full-bore cold) but it's not really at staying home levels. Going into a job that bores you: welcome to being an adult. I guess I'm just grateful I don't hate it or that I'm not going in to a job that stresses me.

shadowdaddy and I were both really blue about him having the job dangled in front of his nose and then snatched away last night. That said, we did still have a lovely night at the Blue Posts, where I found myself hassling ciphergoth to come play Puerto Rico, encouraging some_fox to have a Blue Velvet party (can you believe it's been 20 years since it came out?) and generally getting up to the kind of organizing/catherding nonsense I was either loved or hated for in Seattle. I also had lots of nice visiting and got lots of hugs and had werenerd tell me I was family here, which really made me feel good, and I left in a quite chipper mood.

Rain and muck outside, no walking to work today. I'm going to leave early and get the paperwork I need to actually get a doctor and get started as a participant in the English health care system. Woo.

Review of Misato; and, "If you have poo on your shoes ..."

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shadowdaddy and I decided to be brave and visit Misato, a Japanese restaurant in London's Chinatown (on the west end of Leicester square) that hit my key points of 1) Japanese 2) cheap and 3) huge portions, despite also hitting my triggers of 4) lines and 5) really scathing reviews. But I can't resist a cash-only dive restaurant, and shadowdaddy was there early enough to have shorter lines to deal with (and do the waiting for me), so we finally got to make it in on only our second go-round.

During our ten minute wait, we were handed menus to review. Soba and udon soups, a fair variety of sushi, and various rice-accompanied dishes seemed to be the order of the day. Sadly, there was NO beef teriyaki, though there was a tofu teri and some kind of other marinated beef-with-rice-side option. (We also discovered there was a £4.90 per person minimum, so shadowdaddy's plan of getting just two sushis and having half of my plate was foiled. He added a miso for £1 to fill in the difference.)

What can I say but that the chicken teriyaki was pure slop! It was coated in batter and then drowned in a sickly sweet sauce that was neither the thick brown Seattle goop nor the ultra-light, gingery Hawaiian stuff nor the thinner, less sugary Arizona style and not even the kind of teriyaki they made at the authentic Japanese restaurants I've been to. Basically, it was a less-tangy sweet and sour sauce, and the chicken was a bit gristly, and ... well, the lettuce side salad thing was nice and we did all get enough to eat, right?

In this case I must say you get what you pay for. Maybe the sushi is really good and that makes up for it, but, as for me, I'm heading back to Brixton to go to Ichiban, which is, as the name states, "number one" - only about £2 more per entree and a million times better.