January 11th, 2007

Sea dragon

Maybe I'll change out of the snow icon soon, as my mood is improving

I had both shadowdaddy and wechsler tell me in the last week that I seem to be cheering up, "recovering your resiliency," etc. To me, what I'm hearing is that I'm settling in and things are going well for me - that I'm adjusting to living here, feeling more stable, and, well, I think, feeling happy about how my life is going. Yeah, I want shadowdaddy to get a job, but it is nice having him here, we've got friends and things to do, and we're not feeling hopeless about stuff. (Hurray for the holidays being over.) So things are going well.

Bonus chippering message: in the manager training I went to yesterday, on "giving feedback" (mostly how to chew people a new one without making them quit, but also just a little bit about how to say nice things to them), one of the actor/coaches told me that I had a real and genuine attitude that people really respond to well, and that my employees could see that I was sincere about what I was saying to them and not a fake. That made me really happy (especially good after the last session ended with me in tears). She also said that my instincts about when to respond to people emotionally was spot-on, which I found incredibly validating. I am super manager, hear me tell you you're a great employee. :-) It actually reminded me of saying goodbye to Saritha and Vidya at Tripadelic - they both had a hard time not crying and I felt so reinforced in my belief that I am a _good_ manager, the kind I always wish I had, the kind I think makes it possible for my superstar employees to perform at their highest level. One of my folks at $howboat told me late Monday that while it sucked coming in so early that day, no one on the team minded it because I was always so easy the rest of the time that it just wasn't a big deal. So yay again there.

Today was the Big Day of Skiving, followed by some housework and hosting thekumquat and conflux for lasgagne and Puerto Rico, which shadowdaddy won (66, T-K 56, me 53, Cx 49). It was really well played and a lot of fun and the start of what I hope will be a long series of fun games with some very nice folks.