January 12th, 2007

Sea dragon

I can't stop eating the kulcha

What a dull day. I forgot to turn the alarm on (despite getting the time set before I went to bed), and was late for my 9 AM meeting. I never really seemed to wake up all day. One of the guys that works for me told me he was leaving, for a job making 400 pounds a day (it's no consolation to be well loved when faced with those kinds of figures). At the end of the day, after a half-hour gossip session with the HR guy who's leaving for some other company, I struggled through the last half hour and forgot to send a status report to my new dotted-line boss. Nice way to get a reputation as a slacker. Well, whatever, there wasn't a lot I could do about it once I got home, though really I ought to look at getting access to the work email from home.

I napped once I got home (an unusual luxury!) and woke up to wechsler coming in the door. I finally got up and made some tacos for him and shadowdaddy and myself, with Zatarain's red beans and rice on the side. Now I'm kind of tired and lazy again. I probably ought to see about playing a game or something. wechsler's trying to get the computer set up so he can shadowdaddy some PHP stuff in preparation for his interview Wednesday. shadowdaddy seems dissatisfied with his day and is out of sorts (though making me happy with the backrub he's giving me and the box of Indian treats he picked up while he was in Tooting getting his National Insurance number today) and I don't know how much he's going to be able to get accomplished. It would probably be an ideal night to watch a movie at home, but it's more of a time commitment than I'd really want to make. So I'm going to read the books on the Canary Islands wechsler brought over for me and listen to DJ Riz on KEXP and do very little.

Tomorrow: Through a Scanner Darkly at the Prince Charles at 1:50; birthday party in the evening.