January 21st, 2007

Sea dragon

The day slips through my fingers

Dang, how did I sleep until noon? I went to bed at around 2, but with the sun shining so nicely I really should have been up long before I was.

I've been puttering around a bit, cleaning the apartment and getting little things taken care of, but mostly I feel like I've let most of this day slip away already. I'm supposed to go to Streatham and then to Brixton, and already it seems too late for me to get both of these things done since I have a big must-do before I leave the house and it will be at least half an hour before I can go. I think taking the melatonin before I went to bed was probably a big mistake even though I did enjoy all of that sleep I just got. And my legs are STILL sore from dancing Friday! I'm sure it all just means I got lots of nice exercise but between that and the boots making my feet ache it's going to be clonky, supportive shoes for me today and tomorrow.

Yes, I know this is the most boring post in the world. Shall I tell you about my dreams and what I had for breakfast, too? And all the kids at school hate me and my mom is mean.