January 23rd, 2007


It's not really winter until you run out of tea

Dammit, I polished off my bag of Darjeeling Tukdah Estate (First Flush) and now I'm reduced to teabags. This is horrible. I was so CLOSE to remembering to bring in a bag of new stuff to work and the thought just slipped away from me when I went into the living room! (This is not where I keep my tea but it is where I lost my thought.) I'll make do with Earl Grey and I might be able to get one cup out of the dust left at the bottom of the bag, but this is close to a tea emergency for me!

PS: Prep for shadowdaddy's temporary return to the US continue apace - he finished his plot and emailed it yesterday at 3 PM, I ordered him a credit card off of the remaining US credit account, and he had new bank cards for the US account sent to my brother's house ... AND he may have a job interview this week, so we've planned for while he's there AND after he returns.
Sea dragon

This is my beautiful life. Fragile development.

My boss called a meeting at 5 PM that went until 6:20, so I was a bit late getting home. I was explaining to him that we couldn't just stop doing QA and then say we were releasing things using the "Agile" process; instead, I said, what we were doing might best be called "Fragile," which Wechsler later called Failure Ready AGILE. I liked this. Every one of the leads was calling it Fragile development before the meeting was over, so clearly I've tapped the group mind somehow. It's not my fault we've got a QA process that has a three week baseline, but I won't stand for cutting corners and doing stuff like crap and then saying we're following some well-documented methodology.

Anyway, home around 7, and shadowdaddy had just put the smothered chicken in the oven. Yum! wechsler made it over around 7:30, by which time I had just emptied one more box of crap from the old place and was busily putting things away, wherever that might be. (Seashells from Ross Island? Lovely to see again, but so few places where they could go!) J put on the potatoes, and fifteen minutes later we were tearing into the bubbling pot of chicken baked in gravy (oh, yum!).

End of night? Chez Goth, which wechsler had never seen before. I won, with the artist and a final play of tequila and slave collar (no joke). And now the night comes to an end, and I'm TIRED!