February 12th, 2007

Sea dragon

Good pickins in the paper today

I had a quiet day at work and spent a bit of time catching up on the news. My favorite article of the day was "Grumpy workers are the best workers," which, as a person who is a professional grump, I really enjoyed. Listen as I and my brethren are praised: "Zhou found in her research that those in periodic bad moods tend to be more detail-oriented and analytical. They're also challenging the status quo. And when someone is in a negative mood, they're also motivated to get out of it."

See! I am not just useful, I am ideal! Furthermore, "But the occasional grump also needs a good leader who creates a culture that allows room for the employee to operate." Bow down before me, oh corporate overlords, lest you stifle my grump-ineuity!

Then there was a great article about Viagra becoming a party drug in Spain. This bit really cracked me up: “Viagra is not the solution many Spaniards think it is,” said Carmen, who declined to use her last name. “I came to realize that the problem wasn’t my boyfriend’s sexual prowess. The problem was him.” Now, she added, “I have sex six times a day, but I do miss going to the opera.” (Also in that line an article on Kink.com moving into San Francisco's Armory building.)

For my friends who like musicals, the NY Times article about "Follies" is so inspiring it makes me want to go to New York. Women in their 50s just DON'T get these kind of good roles easily. I wish I could go watch!

Finally, as requested, the recipe for creamy coriander chicken, which I believe I'll be having for dinner tomorrow.

That said, it's almost 11:30, shadowdaddy has showed me all of the neat gifties he brought back for me (except for the special one for Wednesday) and fed me nice veggie pasta stuff, and I've showed him the pictures of my trip, and it is now time to go to bed!