February 16th, 2007


A chip on my shoulder

THE SCENE: A boring office park in Hammersmith. WEBCOWGIRL is sitting at her chair and opens a package of "vegetable crips" from Pret.

WEBCOWGIRL (Looks at red chip and eats it. So different from plain old potato chips!): Munch, munch.
WEBCOWGIRL (Looks at another chip. This one is black.): Hmm, I wonder what vegetable that is? Turnip?
WEBCOWGIRL (Puts the chip in her mouth and begins chewing): Crispy, a bit ... barbequed ... phwwfbll BLEAH! That one was BURNT!
Sea dragon

The day, the boring day, the end of the day HURRAY

I'm heading out at 5. Oops, I'm going to my QA strategy meeting, which will be held at several pubs. I'm going to choose a pub in South Kensington, which is near the Victoria and Albert Museum, which is where I'm meeting robot_mel and others for some Chinese New Year's celebrations. Actually, I probably won't be going to a pub at all, as I've told shadowdaddy to meet me at Paul, but I've got to stick to the party line. We're having an offsite meeting, dammit!

Also, so I don't forget, here's a picture of me reading Jo Clayton in Tenerife. I'd been holding off reading the third book in the Skeen series as a special treat, and I really enjoyed it! (I am actually drinking hot chocolate instead of tea, a special weakness of mine while in Spain.)