February 21st, 2007

Sea dragon

Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my nap now

I'd planned a lunch with a dev coworker some three weeks ago ... and he decided to have today be a work at home day - in short, he forgot about me. So I took advantage of the high shadowdaddy availability and had HIM join me for lunch ... at the River Cafe.

Lunch was:
Ravioli filled with spinach/ricotta/porcini mushrooms, with butter/grated parmesan (me)
tagliatelli with some "hunter's mix" of duck and rabbit (him, but also yum)
lamb with a tomato ragout on top, and a side of greens/funky broccoli/garbanzos (me)
scallops with grilled greens on the side over a bed of peppery/olive oil-y lentils (him)
lemon tart, so fresh it had grated lemon rind in it

Now I just want a nap.

Also, had the good fortune of hearing a selection from Johann Hasse's opera Ataserse ("Or la nube procellosa," apparently sung in Farinelli) on Otto's Baroque Radio today. Such singing! I'd like to track a copy of that down to enjoy later.
Sea dragon

It's been almost 6 months, I realize

I was feeling really happy and jolly when I left work today. Partly it was because I'd just finished my sixth cup of tea for the day and was finally feeling awake; partly it was because someone had just come up to me and asked me to explain "that process they're using to implement iterative development over in $myteam." Apparently the list of suggestions I'd written on how to move from Gigantor Projects/Releases to Wee Bite Sized Chunks of Code, with accompanying List of Milestones - done strictly on a napkin over lunch as "for your consideration since everyone on the team seems all confused and I have a bit of experience with this" and sent out as a Email With Modest Suggestions - has now become known as "my team's process" and I am now a Subject Expert. Or something. Now if only MY team will start using some of these processes and milestones (instead of "Dev and QA will be done at the same time so there will be no need for intermediate steps!" - per the other team under the same big umbrella as mine), then we'll be betting somewhere.

Anyway. For some reason the idea of that stuff being circulated around to TOTAL STRANGERS, as I think it was, tickles my fancy. And julietk came over and had shadowdaddy and my vegetarian curry and daal and she liked it a lot. And she was really talkative and fun and it was nice and now I'm tired and this was a good day yay. I feel like I'm pretty adjusted now. In two weeks I will have been here for six months - can you believe how time flies?
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