February 23rd, 2007

Sea dragon

I know it's not March yet but spring is here

7:40 AM and the sun has been up for 40 minutes now. I've been awake for rather most of it due to needing to be to a 9 AM meeting on time, but I've actually had 8 hours of sleep so it's not a problem. God, getting enough sleep really makes the week go differently. I was a bit ragged the day after Coram Boy and on Monday but it's been the sleep of the dead most of the week.

Last night the physiotherapist had me doing a new stretch in which I lay on my stomach, he folded by heel up to my butt, then had me press against him with the heel just a bit further back. I could feel an insane burn in my quads, but when I stood up I did a squat and it didn't hurt at all. Wow. I can do these on my side or standing, too, and he's also assigned me an exercise to help develop the muscles that lift the arches of my feet, but I can't believe how effective this has been and how much my knee has improved in such a short time.

When I came home, wechsler was hanging out on the couch and shadowdaddy had made the most amazing meatballs and spaghetti sauce (the sauce had two pork chops in it) from recipes in the New York Times. Damn! We feasted like kings and afterwards were basically too lazy to do much else. It was a very nice night, with the usual happy vibe wechsler brings to the household, and a very nice evening overall. In fact, I don't even mind that I had to get up early, because I'm in a good mood (even despite having a dream in which I ran into irrationalrobot in a mall with his mom and she stuck gum in my hair).
Sea dragon

April Schedule

Normally I would think it was silly to get started on a schedule a full month in advance when I haven't started on March yet. But I missed a lot of plays I wanted to see the last two months (and may just barely get to see Came A Gypsy Riding if I can get return tickets next week). I've already got tickets for John Gabriel Borkman at the Donmar on Thursday April 12 (if anyone wants to join me, please feel free to grab some tickets and join us, I've just gone ahead without asking as I didn't want to have it turn up sold out), and I want to see Man of Mode at the National and the Indian production of A Midsummer Night's Dream that's at the Roundhouse (goes from March 8 through April 21). Any interest in the second? I think it would be fun for a big group.

I'm probably also going to try to make the Ceili dancing a regular thing, so I've added one date a month to my calendar, this time making sure it doesn't interfere with B-movie! (In March I'm going to the dance on the 9th despite the conflict as it's SO FUN and I am really sorry about not going to the one tonight because I'm so absent minded!)

Also - want to see Mayerling at the ROH - many dates possible!

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Ah, glorious Friday

The day at work went well though I got to check LJ for all of about 10 minutes. The day ended a bit irritatingly as I was in an interview with a very high quality candidate applying for, basically, a job at my level, trying to convince him the company I work for is reasonably professional, and after 15 minutes of stalling the dev director came by and said, "You're not waiting for me, right? Because I didn't get the invite and I have a commitment and we need to reschedule." GAH! Undo all my hard work!

That said, someone else took a position on my team. I've now hired three people and will be taking on a fourth I didn't interview - very cool considering I didn't hire a single person the whole time I was a manager type at Tripadelic. And I've still got one more person to hire, yay! (Admittedly too bad one of my guys quit for huge contract dollars and the other one got promoted, but you've just got to expect stuff like that.)

After work shadowdaddy and I met at Angel station, unfortunately too late to do any proper dinner type stuff, so we decided to try the dim sum place across the street from the station. Ah, another completely pathetic dining option! Thank God we'd eaten at the awesome place near the British Museum last Saturday so I didn't feel so crushed at having yet another completely sucktastic London Chinese meal.

At any rate, Eva Yerbabuena flamenco was WONDERFUL. I got so caught up in the performances that apparently I was crushing shadowdaddy's hands into mush. It made me want to go to Madrid again to listen to music in the cavas near the Plaza del Sol and then somehow go back to Barcelona to see the flamenco festival again. Instead, for now, we'll be seeing Estrella Morente on Monday - well, now, really, is drinking cider time, as it's late Friday, probably late enough that I should be thinking about going to bed.