February 24th, 2007

Sea dragon

In space, no one can hear you sleep

Day so far has been: wake up at 11. Notice house guest is loud. Flop around on couch. Arrange to meet wechsler at the pub with the cheap breakfast. Say goodbye to shadowdaddy and Elliot as they decide to go to Canterbury (or someplace like that) while I do errands. Meet wechsler, nearly getting hit by a car on the way as somehow my sense of where the traffic is coming from has died with my brain; decide during breakfast (after I dropped the butter onto my sausages and then dropped the bread as I tried the get the butter) that only further sleep could fix what ailed me. Go back home after hitting four charity shops in search of brown pumps for tonight (shoes: failure, book on cowgirls: success), flop around on couch, then excuse self and sleep.

Now, after having a delicious cup of Competition Grade Ti Kuan Yin, I'm picking up things in the bedroom (clothes, really, as I haven't unpacked or put away my clean laundry for nigh on two weeks) and waiting for wechsler to return with some lunch. It's pretty slack all and all. Maybe the increase in slack is why I'm feeling happy with life these days.
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