March 9th, 2007


At six months and one day I got on my bike

Today I decided that it was NICE out and I was going to do something I had fantasized about since before I moved here: riding my bike to work. This is because looking at the TFL website, a trip from Putney bridge to Hammersmith takes:
20 minutes by bus (if you get the bus that comes every 15 minutes)
17 minutes by tube (if you get to the tube at a good time)
14 minutes on bike

Nice, eh?

So between the daffodils blooming between the headstones, the birds singing overhead, and the cherry blossoms scattered across the bike path, it was really the most fantastic trip into work yet. And it was really fast and I saw the Indian ring-necked parakeets at their usual stop near the River Cafe. It was nice!