March 13th, 2007

Pink poodle

Where's my baby dog?

I woke up this morning, earlier than usual, dreaming, disoriented. I had enough of a brain to realize I needed to do some stretches per the whole physiotherapy thing, but not enough for anything much else. And I wanted my dog to get up out of his bed and come sniff my hand like he would on a normal day, begging me for some pats since I was so clearly missing the fact that Now I Was Awake I Must Attend to the Scritching.

Anyway, here's a picture of The Dog Formerly Known As My Shadow, since I miss him. If I close my eyes and squint I can pretend everything here is the same as it was in Seattle and nothing's missing. (Clicky for big. Full series of photos available here - shots from Seaview, our favorite beach-side haunt in Washington.)

And here's a Doonesbury cartoon about Seattle, just for laughs.