March 14th, 2007

Holo Holo Girl

I told you I'm not goth!

I was so stupidly in a good mood yesterday that I was afraid people at the Blue Posts were going to kick me out for being too happy. I had no particularly outstanding reason to be happy, other than spending a half hour of my work day sitting in the sun reading a great book (thanks to the bomb scare), having my boss make me feel powerful and empowered (and getting to do VERY nice things for my employees as a result), having my walk to the tube be in the day instead of in the dark, successfully negotiating my way through the rats' warren of streets that is Soho to find the Wagamama, feeling flush enough to be able to treat someone else to dinner (a cheap restaurant but a much better feeling than I have been having most of the time I've been here), the world's most incredibly yummy cream puffs (Beard Papa on Oxford Street), and getting to see so many of my friends at the bar. I was just chippper. It was sick.

So here it is the next morning and I'm still in a pretty good mood, only I'm a bit tired. I also had someone say "I love you" rather a lot last night and I can still feel that coating me in a hazy of happy "life is good"ness. So, yeah, life is good, but it would be just a little bit better right now if I had a cream puff.
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