March 21st, 2007


Spring cleaning (of the LJ)

I'm doing my first round of spring cleaning and pruning Ye Olde Friends' List. Feel free to defriend me without drama, as I hope a defriending of (name) will result in no drama for ME. (See who's added or defriended you here.)

Basic rule: if I can't remember your first name or I haven't had a comment from you in the last three months, then I'll probably be removing you. Feel free to read my journal if you want to, but I have to be honest about who I can keep up with and who I can't, and I probably need to be capping things at a much lower number than I have now. I don't flatter myself that I'm that interesting to read, but if for some reason I'm adding a little flavor to your flist I'd be the last one to discourage you from enjoying it.

Less basic rule: if I have somehow upset you by doing this, can you, for heaven's sake, send me a private email (to my LJ account) instead of making a public post/comment flaming me? Aggressive (or passive aggressive) behavior is not a friend maker in real life, and, if you get all over my case in public, I can pretty much guarantee you will permanently strain our relationship in real life.
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Great food, great movie, great night

Tonight after I left work, I met shadowdaddy near his work for dinner at a new restaurant called Inn Noodle (on Oxford Street near Tottenham Court Road).

DAMN, folks, we're talking about the best Chinese food I've had since I came to London, the kind that makes you want to go into the kitchen and look for the crack shaker. They do home made noodles there, and by home made I mean a little man is in the window stretching and cutting the dough. DAMN damn DAMMITY damn so GOOD! I ordered Dan Dan noodles (noodles in a spicy peanut soup, £5.50), and it was like being back home at 7 Star Pepper (well, almost - the noodles weren't fat like I like 'em but they were still dee-lish) - I ate so much that my tummy hurt later. I also got my ever-favorite "soup dumplings" (called "Shanghai steamed pork dumplings" - £3.20), and folks ... they were the best I ever had, even though I ate them too soon and burned my mouth with the first bite (hint: put them in a soup spoon, tilted up on the edge, and bite and suck at the same time).

Anyway, it just opened, and I can't help but think everything they've got on the menu is likely to be brilliant (his "stewed beef pot," £6.50, and the Chinese pan fried onion dough, £2.20, which I bought strictly to dip into the dan dan broth, were both taaasty and made of high-quality ingredients to boot). I want to go there over and over again and try everything on the menu (well, except for the fish).

I should add that The Science of Sleep was very enjoyable, but when we're talking about "changing your life," it's going to be Inn Noodle that stays with me. 25 Oxford Street W1D 2DW.

And once more, YUM! Not that I'm not still full.

Anyone want to come over for games tomorrow night?