March 22nd, 2007


The "in like a lion" part seems stuck - no lamb in sight

I got up and sat in athe living room and noticed it seemed quite foggy outside. Then shadowdaddy said, "It's snowing, butyou probably can't tell without your glasses on.

He's right, I can't. So, wow, snowing again, on the 22nd of March, and, wow, I need to get some new glasses. (It doesn't seem to be sticking, though - the rest of the world doesn't appear any more white, which is good.)

LA LA LA London. Gaming. Drinking. Woo.

So somewhere between five and six I went from maybe one guest tonight to two people for dinner and games (aside from me and shadowdaddy), so behold, I am the maker of tacos and player of Puerto Rico. Guests were the delightful envoy (amazing how many ways I can misspell that after a bit of rum) and thekumquat, who delighted me by correctly dating the hardbound copy of the A to Zed I picked up from the bookstore near the Putney Bridge Station. And after the tacos I pulled out the drinkies and the playing got all loose.

Behold, I am maker of tacos and player of Puerto Rico. We gamed, we gamed, we gamed, ending up with a tight score of 47/46/45/38 (don't be mistaken, she's a powerhouse and will win soon and anyone who knows that much about the Tube is a goddess) and an empty bottle of honey rum (darn). Sweet to get such a high score with no large buildings (which I know means nothing to most of you but still a miracle).

Man, good times. I'm happy with life even if I'm bored with work. I can make tacos for four in about 45 minutes and I even made enchiladas just because I could. And if I spelled this all right, it was a miracle. Miss you irrationalrobot.

Off to read my Charlie Stross and call it a night.