March 28th, 2007

Sea dragon

With a poor night's sleep comes vivid dreams

I dreamed I was talking to booklectic, who was telling me of an upcoming party. "Too bad you missed the trip to the ocean!" "But I didn't know about it ..." "I sent a text to your phone"! (Shows me number.) "Oh, but that's my US number ..." "Well, now I've got your London number, next time you must show up!" And I knew I would, and I was happy.

I was in the basement of my old house (though not actually my old house in any way), cleaning. For some reason a bag of leaves was there I'd brought back from my Grandmother's house. I resolved to throw them out, then watched as a bunch of them were sucked up a flue. I never got around to throwing them out.

My house had been taken over by a pack of free-lovers who were prone to running around the house naked. One of them was taking care of my cat, who had stitched but poorly healing wounds on her side. Makes me wonder how my kitty is actually doing.

Still perturbed about yesterday at work. Ready for it to be payday. Need a day off work again. Looks like I won't be going to Germany as I didn't buy the tickets early enough for them to be affordable.