March 29th, 2007

Sea dragon

The end of the month, nearly the end of the week, and a four day weekend to look forward to

I find it very amusing that we're both sitting here on the couch with a drink - lemon ginger tea for me, Johnny Walker black label for J.

J and I and W did all make it to see Attempts on Her Life, which I think I should try to describe except that I'm not the least bit enthusiastic about it - it was all technology and no heart - so I can't really recommend it, and I am thus uninspired to write. We did just waltz right on a train to Putney at Waterloo, though, and that was great, and we were home by ten as it was a short show.

The day at work was frustrating - emergencies galore, and painful proof of the lack of evolution of development procedures and communication as the company has grown - and I was grateful to be able to cut out early because of a doctor's appointment. Sadly, I didn't really feel like coming in at all today, but did anyway because of an interview I had scheduled at 10. Upon arrival, I read my email and discover a hiring freeze has been put into place, but unfortunately it wasn't announced soon enough for the candidate to be saved the trip. And, as it turned out, he wasn't good enough for me to make an offer to, anyway. And when I got to the doctor's office, well, it turned out they close an hour earlier today than I had my appointment written down for, so it must have actually been set for yesterday, only I misunderstood (must have misunderstood) the day I was being given an appointment for. Gah. Now I have to go back first thing tomorrow and hope to get a walk-in, as this prescription needs must be ready to go Sunday PM.

And I managed to turn the handle on the toliet in a way that stripped the threads that attached it to the inner workings of the tank. Go me! At least I got to Inn Noodle in plenty of time this afternoon, and the beef noodles in spicy soup were most enjoyable. And the violets I bought are blooming beautifully, and my pepper plant looks like it's going to be putting out flowers soon. And it's going to be a four day week, then a four day weekend, then a four day week, and I am so, so in need of a break, even if I'm not going to make it out of town.