April 1st, 2007


I miss the ease of driving home after a party.

Ah, London at 1 AM on a Sunday morning. Puke on the bus, puke on the streets, the smell of ketchup on french fries in the air. I think people really just do drink a whole lot more here but there's something about packing this many people in such a small amount of space that seems to contribute to the whole grossness of it all.

Um, but lovely party with friends down south - got visits in with more people that I care to LJ check, but mostly just very pleasant, felt the "cared for" thing going on, felt connected and part of the community - and then at 11:15 or so I turned into a pumpkin and all I wanted to do was lie on the bed in a cuddle pile and fall asleep. The party rages on, but the last train back home beckoned me. Bit of a pisser to leave at 11:45 and not get home until now - well, I guess it's only an hour later so not too bad but it was only eight miles!

Oh, but I'm soooo tired. Stupid work week. I hate being so worn out.

Um, Wayreap's Battle at the Barbican was great - the Ramayana done with gamelan accompaniment and Thai temple dancers - the flavors that add up to Cambodian dance. The costuming was great and I loved the exact hand and foot movements of the dancers. Plus - monkey warriors - what more could you want? One more day, see it if you can, tickets available for only £7.

PS: Hey, look, I'm wearing the same clothes now as I am in this user icon. Maybe I should see about shopping some more some day.
Sea dragon

No museums, no shows, what's happening to me!

Wait, I went to a show yesterday. All clear!

I got up at 10:30 today after a good nine hours of sleep and found I had NO energy and a bit of a headache (hard to ascribe it to a hangover as I had, what, one drink last night). But it's gorgeous outside and shadowdaddy was quite perky, so we made it a goal to EAT BREAKFAST and GET OUT and behold, by noon we were out on the banks of the Thames, and the "Vesta International Veterans' Head of the River" boat race was taking place.

Well ... race or no race, we had a walk in mind, so we detoured to follow a path along something or another brook, and ambled along, having Ye Olde Deepe and Heavye ConversaÞion, as we are wont to do. And then suddenly we were in the middle of a completely run down Victorian cemetery and it was VERY picturesque, thank you very much.

And now I'm home and finishing some tea and I'm off to do some shopping with heiroglyphe. Yay Sunday! (And I MUST get some money for my phone now, too, since it's payday and I have a total of nine pence on it right now - not even enough to send a text!)