April 8th, 2007

Sea dragon

Happy dead person on a stick day!

Today is the first day of the year I've been able to cook with my kitchen windows open. Much like the blossoming of the plum tree and the appearance of the autumn crocus back home, this will now be a marker of the season for me! I also have on sandals and walked down the high street (in search of Easter goodies) wearing them and a t-shirt and my sexy American do-rag (like the one in this picture but black).

I'm frustrated because we can't get the windows in the living room open at all, which is nothing new but which is much more irritating on a lovely day like today - not that it's less lovely than yesterday but there aren't hordes of rabid rowing fans jamming the street in front of my apartment, so I'm much more motivated to get that window open.

I also discovered something that seems to me a miracle (in part that I have gone so long without knowing about it): smoked cheese with ham in it. My God. Melted on top of a poached egg (itself sitting on top of a toasted crumpet), I thought I had discovered heaven this morning. If only I could get some of this stuff to my brother!