April 15th, 2007


1'm ly1ng 0n y0ur c0uch st34l1ng y0ur t34.

My. What a night. I think I might have made it to bed around 2 AM, or made it to bed properly at 2 AM, as I was from about 1 AM or so lying in bed with the spins. Or maybe it was 3 AM. I wasn't looking at the clock.

Inspired by spikeylady teasing me about the tin of tea I have in my bathroom (I'd forgotten there was still some tea in there; I can't help it if I'm generally demented about tea), I'm having some Japanese green tea from the Imperial Iris Gardens (or something like that) in Tokyo right now, with buttered toast and a little bit of cheese. shadowdaddy is napping in my lap. I can understand insomnia but polishing off half-empty bottles of white wine is not a good way to spend your time and leads to Consequences. As did that last glass of fruity whotsit I had while playing Pit last night. It's a beautiful day out there and we're supposed to be in it right now. I'm just grateful I don't have a headache; things could be worse.

5:50 and we'll be at the West India Quay to see Curse of the Golden Flower with robot_mel. I'm looking forward to it and glad I don't have to rush to get there. Tea and a book sound just about right for me now.