April 17th, 2007

Sea dragon

A poor night's sleep, dreams of Tripadelic

To sleep somewhat early in preparation for an 8 AM doctor's appointment, and like most nights where I have to get up early the next day, I slept poorly. I dreamed I;d given up and moved back to Seattle and taken up my old job at Tripadelic, only it had been acquired by T-mobile (all the men were now wearing pink ties that matched the pink of the company logo) and (no surprise) thoroughly restructured, and while my old boss was still there, I wasn't going to be working for him anymore. The only continuity at all was that my DL, the one that I had set up to order Indian food once a week, was still active.

I dreamed I'd gone back because of my job, solely, and that I was tired of not working at a place where I felt 1) calm and 2) productive. So I gave up what I'd moved here for, all of it, as the stress and ill-fit of the job situation had just got me down too much, and what living here had to offer wasn't enough.

Off to get my blood pressure monitor thingie in a bit. Did I mentioned I volunteered to come into work tomorrow at 7:30 to make up for not being able to come in today at 8? I'm helping another team out with their work.
Sea dragon

I sing the body electric

So, for the next 24 hours, I'm bionic. I have a blue cuff around my upper left arm and a box at my waist. Yes, as the nurse noted, I look like a suicide bomber. Watch out, she said she's got a problem with her ticker!

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Things I miss from the states: potato bread.

We bought our tickets to go to Detroit last night. June 30 - July 7th (more or less), we'll be gone. I'd like to do some more travelling but I think this will be nice and relaxing.
over the shoulder

Hair, glorious hair! (Keep the icon for memory's sake)

I have for the first time since I moved here got my hair cut! And this time I decided, why hold back, let's really go wild and get that chin-length blonde 30s cut I've been eyeing since the Academy Awards four years ago! Collapse )

I also finished my Jo Clayton book, Wildfire, while I was in the salon. That seemed to take forever!

Work tomorrow early, just a quick snack for dinner and I must to bed.