April 18th, 2007


In to work early, but the work's almost done

General announcement: I have pretty much nothing planned from Thursday until Sunday. Anything going on I should know about? Anyone dying to see me (especially on Friday)? I think we may be entertaining friends of shadowdaddy's on Sunday night, but otherwise I've got just NOTHING on the books.

I don't know how they planned it, but the Fulham cemetary is gorgeous again. The middle is full of these trees that look like their branches are swathed in pink cotton candy, with just a few white ones (vanilla?) to add variety. I can see that the trees will all turn to leaves in a week or two, but it's wonderful to go by (in the double-decker bus) and see this fantasy land of puffy flowers floating by.

In other "marking the seasons by the timing of blooms," I've been seeing lots and lots of wisteria around. shadowdaddy even pointed out a building to me while we were on the train to Waterloo that had so much frothy purple covering the walls it completely overwhelmed the building underneath it ... in a good way, of course. I also saw a clematis climbing out of its pot when I was walking to work in the neighborhood nearby. It really is pretty here in the spring!

I continue wearing the heart monitor thing until 11 today. I think I've given it rather a lot of erroneous readings - since it goes off on the hour and half-hour, I frequently found it kicking in as I was walking to a meeting or something. Also, it seemed to be getting kind of ... sweaty underneath the cuff when I woke up this morning (yes, I wore it while I was sleeping). I'm looking forward to being done with it.

Proust has been stuck in a long passage in which he's been describing someone's paintings. AAARGH. Finally, while I was waiting for my hair to finish processing last night, on page 903, he has finally met Albertine, referenced most memorably in Fun Home (try the "search inside" feature and you'll see what I mean), but, unfortunately, I'm at page 909 and he's still in the artist's studio (and I have a hundred pages to go still to finish the book!). I did like this passage last night, though: When a mind has a tendency toward day dreams, it's a mistake to shield it from them ... If a little day dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time."