April 20th, 2007


A bit of a slow week

I told shadowdaddy (last night, over pints at the Bricklayer), in regards to his new job, "You didn't just get a paycheck, you got drinking buddies!" See, he spent all afternoon in the "local" downing pints, in a "strategy meeting." (Eventually wechsler joined us and we went to dinner at Royal Court, but that's another story.)

Tonight: am hoping to leave work early and go home and take a snooze. If wechsler can leave early, I'm likely to make it to the Betty Ford Clinic. However, my general record of going clubbing Fridays is crap, so it's a bit "we'll see."

shadowdaddy attempted to purchase a weekend package out of town on Tripadelic last night, and it just didn't work. Now, is that because the flights were too cheap and they weren't available, or were they actually sold out? I'm not sure but I really WOULD like to get out of town next weekend. He did, however, succeed (earlier) in getting tickets to Catpower on May 1st, so at least we'll be doing that.

In other news, HSBC is officially the worst bank ever, for after being told TWICE that our mailing address was the London one (after they sent our credit cards to our US account), they, yes indeed, MAILED OUR FUCKING CREDIT CARD BILL to the house in the US. That's great, as if it were actually forwarded here, we'd surely be paying late fees, if it even showed up. Fucking, fucking stupid bank. It's time for us to get a new one. Suggestions?

And now, off for a meeting at which I must show up at 9 AM, but which I don't care about in the least. Joy. At least I'll be riding my bike to work and I can look forward to that.
Cthulu cozy

Run away in fear

More sick insight into how I turned out the way I did. The Swingers, "Give Me Love," from Starstruck.

It's still a pretty cool video after all these years, and I still like the music. I wonder what ever happened to the guy I lent it to, way back in the day, in Phoenix, Arizona?

This one is a horrible song but it is really great to look at the people in the background. Just tell yourself you're watching an incredibly pretentious, bad performance, and you can probably live through it. Seeing this movie, Liquid Sky, as a double feature at the Valley Art with Diva was doubtlessly the moment where I really left the mainstream. (The music in Diva is much better but I'll let you look for that yourself if you're really interested.)