April 24th, 2007

Sea dragon

You are what you eat

Another good article by Michael Pollan. Why are you likely to be fat if you're poor? Because the US agricultural bills subsidize twinkies, not carrots.

I remember when I was trying to get by on next to nothing. I did buy based on calorie per dollar. This had me buying Fritos instead of Lay's potato chips because they would make me fuller and last longer.

It's busy at work today but right now I'm just reading the emergency conference and have nothing to say as we've all be asked to log off of our app. Last night was wechsler-made stir fry for myself and the fresh-from-the-coconut-orchestra shadowdaddy, followed by a round of Guillotine (I win at mean games, but we got into a spite battle this time). Tonight won't be a movie as I'm worn out and I'm going out the next two nights anyway - and I need to pack for Pisa. :-)
I Miss America

The rise of Fascism in the US, or: why has anyone stood for a "homeland" anything?

You need to read this article about how the Bushies are converting American into a fascist state. Attorneys not supporting your policies? Sack 'em! Not allowed to do things you've decided are "vital" to national health? Ignore those laws! Next up: yellow stars and secret jails! But wait, we already have the jails ...

Since I live in England now I feel free to make this a public post, but when I was back home I would have been too afraid. Isn't that sad?