April 27th, 2007


Taking the Pisa/review of "Seven Deadly Sins" at the Royal Ballet

I was up too late packing, foolish me, and instead of getting into work early I was heare 10 minutes late. But I'm ready to go to Pisa. I've got two books, a Connie Willis book that I'll probably finish two hours after starting, and a Nick Hornby book I bought used that I will leave behind if I don't like it. Meanwhile, Proust is up to page 958, but since it's so heavy it's not coming with me. (I'm also aggravated because due to the liquid restrictions I just can't get by without checking my luggage; I don't have a 100 ML container of contact lens solution and obviously I can't get by without it and I'm not going to Boots to look for it under.)

Meanwhile, look at this article on Lucca. Mmmm, such food! We will spend all day there Saturday (with the night at our cute hotel in Pisa) and then Sunday in Pisa. But, sights, schmites! We are going to eat like kings! I'm going to make this crazy amount of holiday time we get here WORK for me!

In other news, it's also payday, and for (seemingly) the first time since I've been here I wasn't spending the last three days bringing cold spaghetti to work and trying to figure out how to stretch out the remaining £5 on my Oyster ("If I walk to work in the morning, I can still get to Leicester Square and back afterwards, though I can't stop on the way ..."). I'm still not buying clothes and trying to keep my non-necessary (theater doesn't count!) spending down, but what a relief it is that we could cover our rent and food and utilities and NOT be drawing down our savings for the first time in six months.

Collapse ) That said, I'm still looking forward to the last mixed rep of the season, and I've already got my tickets bought and waiting.

I expect I'll be offline until Monday. Hope everyone who goes to Whitby has a great time and otherwise see you on the flip side!