May 3rd, 2007


Flowers, food, fun

It appears that early May is purple flower time: there are lilacs and wisteria galore when I go walking around the neighborhood near work. I even saw a double columbine (which happened to be purple, though they aren't necessarily any color). The wisteria I walk by on my way to King Street (on the street that parallels the Hammersmith Bridge road) is the most gorgeous, so pretty that I want to sit across the street and sketch it. They seem like they're passing their prime, though. But the roses are coming on and they smell lovely! I saw a yellow climber yesterday that went three stories up on the road to Riverside Studios - it was amazing!

Note to Spicy Fong restaurant (the aim of my walk today): duck is not the other white meat. That would be "chicken" you put in my Sea Spice Sauce (and vegetables). You messed up my order. I'll be back.

shadowdaddy actually got to walk me into work today as he didn't need to be anywhere until 10 and 10 happened to be an exhibition at Earl's Court. It was cool and overcast today and we saw some seagulls picking on a heron. It was a nice start to my day, and my boss and his boss are gone. Ah, relaxation!