May 4th, 2007

reading is fun-damental

Soon I'll be remembering Remembrance

Last night Remembrance got to one of those incredible places where you finally see what the result is of, I don't know, some 2-300 pages of buildup, a moment where the protagonist walks through space and time, and yet the feeling of him doing it, of reading about it, is one of a universal experience. It was massively cool and the fact that the scene ended with him having Albertine effectively slap his face for being fresh was just great. I'm at 1006 - only 12 pages to go. What will I do from here? Will someone buy me the appropriate next volume, maybe in the juicy, new translation? (Is it the one by Lydia Davis?)

I'm also poking around in a rather silly book by Rob Grant, Incompetnce (misspelling deliberate). It's a very silly detective novel. I'll let you know how it goes. But right now, I think I need a cup of tea; my throat seems very dry after last night for some reason.

(PS; Appears I could also use a copy of How Proust Can Change Your Life. I must remember this.)
reading is fun-damental

I have finished Remembrance - sort of

Well, I've made it to page 1018, the end of the Penguin/Kilmartin translation of Remembrance of Things Past. But I had to be honest with myself: I have only finished the first two of six volumes (two of them in this one book). And so, today, I also got a new book: The Guermantes Way, in the new translation Viking put out a few years ago. I have to say, silly or not, I'm looking forward to starting it, in part to see how someone else handles the occasionally convoluted grammar in this book.

Quote for the end: It is, after all, as good a way as any of solving the problem of existence to get near enough to the things and people that have appeared to us beautiful and mysterious from a distance to be able to satisfy ourselves that they have neither mystery nor beauty.

Does anyone want this now? I think it's got one more read left in it before it disintegrates. The binding has held up really well, all things considered.

The Hound of the Baskervilles was a complete hoot and made me wish my brother were here and could have seen it with us - the humor would have been very much to his liking. And the £12 TKTS tickets made it a perfect Friday night. I recommend it.