May 8th, 2007


It's like a Monday, only it's a four day week

Rode in my bike today because 1) I'm going home after work 2) I missed Pilates this week 3) I could. I actually made it in about 15 minutes, which is what I was anticipating my commute would be like when I initially figured it out on TFL. :-) If only I didn't go out after work, I could do this every day!

I've been thinking about getting more exercise than I have been, especially after the heart problems last month. I need more aerobic, and I need more muscle workouts. This article in the New York Times about interval workouts was especially inspiring: it said that just one a week can have results, and in only a matter of weeks - I'd guess as little as four. One minute of sprint, then four minutes of walk, that looks like it would do the trick, and I would build muscle, improve my body's ability to use oxygen, and improve my at-rest fat burning levels. All of this could be accomplished by just, say, jog-walking home from work once a week. I can do this!

I'm also thinking maybe I should do a few ten-minute Pilates sessions at home every week. Somewhere I once had a workout sheet from my old Pilates instructor at the Y. I wonder where it's gone? (Not that this one isn't good ...)