May 9th, 2007


I loves my Early Music. Review of Emma Kirkby at the Lufthansa festival.

Listening to Emma Kirkby sing baroque arias is like eating dessert first.

Listening to Emma Kirkby duet baroque arias with another fabulous soprano is like being able to savor that first bite of a great chocolate truffle forever.

Anyway, the show was so great tonight that I've decided I'm a fool to think that I was going to go to Pilates on May 21st. I will absolutely be going to see Ensemble La Fenice instead. If anyone else likes this kind of stuff, let me know, I'd love company.

By the way, anyone who's having a wedding who wants to have a non-stupid song sung, I recommend "Tirsi caro, amata Fille" by Scarlatti.
Fille: Tell me, dear heart, do you love me as before?
Tirsi: Yes! And, tell me ... will you always be mine?
Fille (long pause) Yes! And ... would you stop loving me?
Tirsi: (laughing) No! (etc) (It of course sounds much better in Italian. How did they make it seem so heart-felt?)

This was especially fun because the woman they pulled in to do it was a last minute replacement, and you could really see her and Emma working to play off of each other. It was great!