May 11th, 2007


Review of Glass Menagerie

First, the ticketing gods have smiled on me, and I now have tickets for Darcey Bussel's farewell performance at Sadler's Wells on Thursday of next week! They had a bunch of seats open up today, thank goodness. I also bought some tickets for Paco Peña in August, because I loves Flamenco, and hey, why not, it got me a big discount on the other tickets. If anyone else wants to join me, I've got seats M20 - M21 on Wednesday 08 August.

So ... Glass Menagerie is decidedly a great play, different from anything I've ever seen. That said, this production was quite flawed, in spite of having one of the best sets and lighting design of any show I'd seen on the West End. A show with only four actors should have, in fact, four brilliant performances, and I got the feeling they blew their budget on getting a big name in what was, in my mind, not the most critical role to have right (the mother, played by Jessica Lange). Sadly, the performance of the "mentally fragile" sister was extremely weak, almost a caricature. The brother also had the worst fake drawl I'd ever heard. I think he was trying for Atlanta but just got Forrest Gump. So while our seats were fantastic (£10 from Last Minute, and we were upgraded to the Dress Circle) and I did enjoy the show, I would not recommmend it highly - it wasn't a bad night out but you could still find better.