May 16th, 2007

Sea dragon

Sleeping in your own bed - is there a song about this?

I slept GREAT last night. The bed in the pension we were in had a distinct list to the left and I found myself sleeping about a foot away from the headboard so as to reduce the sliding. Our bed is only saggy in the middle so it was a great improvement. Also, I took a melatonin and it nicely blocked out the traffic noises here, though I think exhaustion did most of the muffling for me.

By the way, it was actually quite cool to wake up at 5:30 to the call to prayers - it made it seem very exotic - but that was just a wee bit early for me.

I know I ought to walk to work but I did so much walking the last five days I feel like I don't really need the exercise much! I forgot to pack bandaids on the trip and paid the price in blisters, little ones where the arches of my feet hit my shoe straps - I normally build up a bit of resistance as I wear that pair of shoes all summer long but as it was early in the season there was nothing there yet. I can't believe I forgot to pack bandaids! At least my old lady Finn Comfort sandals gave me no hassles. Can I say for the record those are the best travel shoes I've ever bought, and worth every penny?

NOTE TO AMBER: You must buy yourself a new pair of shoes for the trip AND break them in before you get here! I recommend you get yourself TODAY to the Shoe Mill in Tempe and get a good pair of shoes, then wear them for a week before you get over here so you don't get blisters. I highly recommend Think, Birkenstock, and Finn Comfort, but you'd be best off getting something with a closed toe as it will likely be raining occasionally while you're here. DON'T hesitate to spend $200 getting a pair of shoes to travel in as your feet will thank you later.