May 17th, 2007

Sea dragon

Jordi Savall, in short

Well, the concert tonight was heavenly. I'll try to write up more of it soon, but when will I have the time? The most fun was afterwards, sitting with rosamicula in the basement of St. John's church, drinking wine and talking about living in the moment, about cooking and listening to live music that you couldn't replay and trying to capture joy. Then we started talking to the couple sitting next to us, Winifred and Peter, who'd been married for more than fifty years but I accused of being on a secret assignation. We traded nun and monk jokes (Winifred withheld a joke and claimed her humor was "Rabelaisian"), Winifred chatted in Portuguese with the waitress, I poured her some of my wine, Peter told us about mathmatical chance and the magic of theater (going wrong, great stories there), we talked and talked and talked.

Anyway. Good evening. Home late.

Oh yeah. Said to rosamicula that one of the nice things about being with shadowdaddy was that I'd had 16 years of being treated nicely just because he loved me, because "you should be good to the people you love, no matter how you feel." It certainly wasn't a lesson I learned from my family, but I've enjoyed living under its spell. It was a big improvement over, "Abuse those around you, because they are there and you can." I hope I've improved on that over time.