May 20th, 2007

Sea dragon

A glamorous Sunday in London

It's past mid-May and the weather is pretty nice today, a bit on the cool side but very comfortable. We're celebrating this lovely day by cleaning the house (though only aftetr an extremely late breakfast of apricot-nut brioche French toast) in anticipation of my sister's arrival Thursday. This is involving some time going through half-emptied boxes (as well as shoveling the large piles of crap out of the dining and living rooms) in addition to the expected washing of dishes and clothes.

Maybe if I'm lucky we'll take some time to go get a new phone today. shadowdaddy is thinking of finding himself a used laptop online as the old one seems to be going the way of All Mortal Things. Currently it's pumping out some Lily Allen (whom we're hoping to see at a concert in July).

I can't believe how much crap I still have. I feel like I will never get this place to anything approaching clean because I will always have too much stuff. Why in the world do we have a video box set of two Godzilla movies? We don't have a TV here, much less a VCR, and I don't think we'd be able to watch them here even if we did.

How are you wasting YOUR Sunday (other than blowing it on the Crack Journal)?

Right, enough procrastinating. Back to the grind.