May 21st, 2007

Sea dragon

Anyone up for a lovely concert tonight?

I've got a ticket for a concert of really lovely music, tonight at 7:30 near Westminster. If you like Dead Can Dance, I think you'd really enjoy Ensemble La Fenice, though of course I'm talking about the Lisa Gerrard classical musical-y stuff. Speak up if you'd like to go. The ticket cost about £15 but we can work something out if you can't pay - mostly I just don't want it to go to waste.

This post brought to you by our new wireless

1'm 1n th3 c4n, c0mm3nt1ng 0n y0ur bl0g.

Cat photos welcome.

Also need photo for "I'm in the canteen, stealing your cereal," to be posted at work in response to the snark, "If you'd told me you were so hungry you needed to steal out of my unopened box of Crispy Flakes, I would have bought you your own damned bos."