May 22nd, 2007

Sea dragon

Release day

I have to say, getting into work at 5:50 AM is much less unpleasant when the sun is shining. On the other hand, going from "in bed" to "out the door" in ten minutes is a bit harsh. I did enjoy my bike ride.

And of course, after we were told to hurry hurry, we can't even log into the site. Gah.

Release continues

YAWN breakfast is here, I finished my testing half a hour ago, but we've got "miles to go before we sleep," as it were.

Meanwhile ... there's interesting news articles. The kiss Paul Allen's ass streetcar progresses on its road to nowhere, another fabulous sign of corruption in Seattle, while the most beautiful building in Seattle has been spared from the developers' axe (or steamshove) - the second a sign that religious institutions should NOT be able to get out from under "historical building" (aka "listed") status because of some silly "separation of church and state" folderol - this "separation" simply must not apply to development laws.

Third: feeding babies like they are little baby vegans will kill them. A diet of mother's milk is fine, but how dumb to you have to be to feed your baby soy milk and apple juice as a "nutritionally complete diet?" Did they not understand what the "formula" part of "formula" was about, or did they just think they could make it up and get it right? And why in the world weren't they nursing the baby? Did they think feeding off of the mother was going to violate their vegan tenets?

Fourth: a review of a harpsichord concert says, "Received wisdom has it that Scarlatti was perfectly happy in the service of the Infanta Maria Barbara, writing little else but increasingly eccentric sonatas for nearly four decades. Personally, I suspect the diminished chords were a cry for help, but it is difficult to imagine a more elegant or affecting performance than this." (Last night's show was dull to me, merely "serviceable," so hearing a composer's music described this way makes me laugh.)

Great movies a'coming!

First, this weekend: Andy Warhol's Sleep at the Tate Modern, with music performed by Gavin Bryars and Michael Nyman. Cue swoon.

But more importantly, on June 12th: Xanadu at the Barbican. I am so there. (And who is Trevor Locke anyway?) Anyone else want to go? (And no, I won't buy tickets for this, though I have tickets for three other events I need to get right now!)