May 23rd, 2007


A place on earth

Riding into work on my bike, the trees in the park were pillars of green and mottled ivory, arching overhead. Once on the banks of the river, the air was perfumed with roses and the buttery scent of jasmine.

I felt again like I did last week watching Jordi Savall playing the "musicall humors" of Tobias Hume; heaven is a place we can be now, heaven is here on earth. It may be only rare moments of perfect beauty when we can really experience it, but I felt it again, flying through an air dense with the flowers of late spring, as I rode my bike to work this morning.

My photo loving friends

Ooh, a photo contest, one that will result in being displayed in the Tate, psych!

How We Are: Photographing Britain (Tate Britain, 22 May — 2 September 2007) takes a unique look at the journey of British photography, from the pioneers of the early medium to today’s photographers who use new technology to make and display their imagery. To demonstrate the evolving nature of photography in the twenty-first century, Flickr photographs will be featured in the exhibition.

To submit a photograph to the exhibition, simply join this group and contribute your photograph anytime until 25 July 2007.

In other news, the spelling on my cat macro has been corrected, so clearly, people (some people) don't quite get it.

In other, other news ... my team missed a security but that was almost impossible to find in the first place, and my boss is standing up for our processes being good. Hurray. I had someone say they wanted to poach my calm and effective team to work on their project instead of the panicky and demoralized team they've got. I said no.